Year of fortune video slots

This time Real Time Gaming has a real treat to offer. It has come up with the ‘Year of Fortune’, one of its finest. The slot game has given you ample chances for free spins, along with a combination of five reels and twenty five pay lines. The game is based on the concept of Chinese New Year. This edition is inspired by the Chinese New year of 2009. This year known as the, ‘Year of Fortune’. Ox symbolizes the year of fortune.

The Chinese culture, being one of the most ancient, they represent the twelve months of the year with twelve different animals. The Chinese New Year is one of the most important days in the year. The celebrations last for about fifteen days, i.e. until fifteenth date of the month from the first day. The celebrations are grand and are celebrated with bright colors like golden, yellow, and red, which they term as ‘Colors of Good Luck’ in their culture. - play slots with no deposit bonuses!

There are symbols used in the game, which show a red dragon, face of a blue dragon, seated green dragon, the number eight, and the wealth god symbol. It has to be made sure that the game needs to be in the progressive slot. The god of wealth symbol indicates the highest jackpot of the game where as the number eight, if appears as triple eights, is considered to be the second highest jackpot in the game.

The rules are simple. If the god of wealth appears four times it is indicated that you have won a jackpot of 8888 coins. It is also that if you achieve five gods of wealth sign, then you also get to win the progressive jackpot. The Golden Ox symbol can be changed for any other symbol in the game as it is considered a wild symbol. It can be used to place anywhere during the game to complete the set for a win situation, except it should not be placed with the bonus or scatter symbols. It can be only used at reel two only, provided it is placed through reel four, to bring it to the win situation. In addition to it if we use two golden ox, we get our win as double.

The term Scatter Symbol is used for the Ox logo and Bonus logo. For setting the free spins in motion, you have to make sure that you obtain the expression of at least three or more than three years of Ox symbol. The music comes to play when each time you win the slot. Real Time Gaming has successfully designed the game wonderfully with some good audio and visual effects.

The designers of the game are confident that the game will bring the gamers fun, entertainment, and good wealth as it belongs to the ‘Year of Fortune’, the year represented by Ox. In the Chinese tradition, it is considered a very companionate animal, with lots of patience and hard work. They believe it can bring luck to you. Hope it does!

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