Something that's been on my mind - I've been wanting to scrapbook the story of my grandma's cookies. My mom and dad were gracious enough to search for my favorite photo of my grandma and send me a copy. I had a lot of fun making the flowers using some of the papers included in the kit!
When I saw the word "frolic" on one of the cards included in the kit, it brought to mind visions of early 20th century circus performers! I know, silly. I guess that's really what inspired the circle - can you just see a juggler in front of a wee baby, and the resulting smile?
I love the soft vintagey feel of this kit ~ I just had to combine those elements with the sleek photo of some fun, new technology. I feel like it's a good representation of how I am as a person! I love modern and vintage things...
At the end of last year, I put together an album with one page per month. Each month included 15 pictures. It was a big project, but when I was done, I felt like you could really see the story of our year, more so than when I do individual  pages of events - it was so great, I really wanted to do it again for 2009! One of the things that has surprised me about this project is that it's really become a daily journal for me in pictures! For this summary page of my first week, I put together a collage of the photos, and filled in with patterned papers where I had little spaces left. I used number stickers to label my days, and did a bit of brief journaling on each of the photos before printing.
I was looking at the random pieces left over from this wonderful kit, and this just came together! The light pink inside "paper" is part of the packaging that the flowers came in. I had clipped the wire from the bottom of the embellishment for my layout, and decided to string the beads onto it. The "how sweet" sentiment was left from the top of a journaling card I had trimmed, and the rest just came together! I crumpled the gray paper to add just a bit more texture, and the "u" is mounted on foam dots for a little added height.